Hello everyone,

It’s been another good month of construction on Kehr’s Chair. We completed blasting operations with a lot of hard work from Jimbo, one of our ski patrollers and summer blasters, and the Bowen construction team to prepare for work on the top terminal. This was needed in order to make room for the unload ramp. When the old top terminal was removed, so were the lights attached to it; so these lights were moved to a new position to illuminate the new ramp at night. We also backfilled the upper terminal foundation earlier last week and set the bullwheel. The top is now all coming together.

While that was happening, the SkyTrac crew has been working at the bottom setting more re-bar for the bottom foundation and also assembling crossarms and catwalks on the new towers. And speaking of towers, the spider hoe returned this week to backfill tower foundations.

In my last blog I mentioned that we were preparing for the new retaining wall at the bottom of the lift, and that project is almost complete. Once backfilled it will serve as our maze area with multiple quad lanes and a singles lane.

I’ll keep everyone posted as we continue to make progress up here. The last concrete pour is a few weeks away, and then our next big milestone will be flying in towers and crossarms.

More to come.