Hello everyone,

Temperatures will continue to hang out at around the freezing level throughout this weekend and into next week, and there’s a chance of snow every day starting on Sunday. You can expect packed powder this weekend and there are still pockets of fresh snow to find around the mountain. Be aware that off-piste conditions continue to be variable, so we recommend sticking to the groomers unless you’re an expert skier or rider.

Many of you saw that we had one of our winch cats parked on the backside last weekend. We know, it’s not a parking spot and we can’t park there, but we sure enjoyed the selfies and pics you shared. In an effort to get the backside open quickly, we removed the cable and fenced around the winch cat until we could move it to flatter ground to better assess the issue. Thanks to our grooming and fleet maintenance teams, the winch cat is now at the shop. Special thanks to our fleet maintenance team for their experience and knowledge to properly diagnose the problem and begin the repair.

Also, please be aware that Stevens Pass Alpine Club (SPAC) is hosting Wild Katz this weekend and a Northwest Cup ski race next weekend at the Pass. Youth racers from around the region will be competing on Saturday and Sunday on Showcase, and we’re excited to cheer them on.

We look forward to seeing you this holiday weekend and next week!