Hi everyone,

Mid-February marks the middle of the winter season and we have a lot to reflect back on since opening day. It’s been a variable season so far with a mix of notable storms, unusually cold temps, and an extended period of rain, all of which impacted our snowpack and terrain offerings. This winter we continue to be fully staffed and remain committed to ongoing improvements, and your continued feedback is important to our team.

We also have a lot to look forward to in the second half of the season. This past weekend several families from the region joined us for Jim Jack’s Cowboy Up Freeride competition and our non-profit competitive partner, the Stevens Pass Alpine Club (SPAC), has more races and events in store this coming weekend and into the spring. Next week our team will be having some fun with Spirit Week from February 21-25, and we invite everyone visiting the mountain to join in the festivities if you’d like to participate. We also invite everyone to join us in supporting Ski Buddies and Wenatchee Pride during a Pride Day celebration on February 24 from 3-6pm. Please keep an eye on social or visit our website for additional details.

I want to call out one important topic ahead of the holiday weekend and mid-winter break that impacts a lot of our guests. Please remember that your Pass is not transferable. Do not share your Pass with friends or family because it is yours, and yours alone, to use. If your Pass is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately so that it can be deactivated and a new Pass can be issued. If someone else uses your Pass, it will be revoked for the season, which is not a good experience for anyone.

I want to express my gratitude to our team and to everyone who has visited the mountain this season. We appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for this incredible community. SPKA!

Thank you,