Hi everyone,

I am writing today with an update about parking. We’ve already learned a lot this season about how carpooling is working at Stevens Pass and we’re making adjustments along the way based on feedback and our learnings. We made the first update two weeks ago when we dropped Lot G as a carpool lot on midweek powder days. We are making another adjustment now by adding Lot C for weekends because we currently have more people carpooling than we have been able to park on busy weekends. Many of you are making an effort to carpool on our busiest days, and we’re adapting by providing more spots.

Starting this weekend, Lots A, G, and C will be reserved for vehicles with 4+ occupants on weekends and holidays. Exceptions include family parking for a single adult and two children aged 12 and under, ADA parking, and EV charging. The only remaining holiday for this season when we implement carpool-only lots is President’s Day on Monday, February 19.

To provide additional details, adding Lot C means we will increase our carpool lots from ~15% to approximately 20% of our total on-summit parking spaces. This means about 80% of parking spaces at the Summit remain first-come first-serve after expanding our carpool lots to include Lot C. If you are joining us in a carpool this weekend, we will continue to park carpools in Lots A & G simultaneously and then expand into Lot C.

If you’d prefer not to arrive before 9am for parking, consider joining us after 1pm. We’re open for night operations Wednesday-Sunday until 10pm, so there’s plenty of time to get your turns.

We also started a new parking-only text alert this season. Text “Start” to (360) 300-1768 to opt in.

Thank you for continuing to work with us as we make adjustments and work towards a better arrival experience for everyone.