Hi everyone,

It’s been a big week at Stevens Pass. We received 64” of snow in the last seven days and we were able to open up the backside. As you know, this welcome snow has also generated challenges on HWY 2. We appreciate our partnership with WSDOT and their communication as we work through planned and unplanned closures. Operations yesterday started smoothly with great conditions and snow that accumulated through the morning, but visibility and conditions were impacted as the wind and snow picked up. WSDOT needed to close HWY 2 without warning and we closed the backside, 7th Heaven and Tye Mill. Thankfully, WSDOT could safely reopen HWY 2 and we continued with night operations until 8pm. For those of you who joined us yesterday, we had to close Kehr’s Chair around 3pm and the entire resort at 8pm to resolve an issue with our water system. We apologize to everyone who was impacted and appreciate the quick work of our team to fix the issue, and we are back to normal operations today.

As we head into the holiday weekend, I want to remind everyone that Lots A & G will be reserved for vehicles with 4+ occupants on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We expect another busy weekend, so plan to arrive before 9am for the best parking availability. We’ll be offering night operations tonight, Saturday and Sunday, so consider sleeping in and arriving after 1pm on those days to ski/ride under the lights until 10pm. We also offer real-time parking text alerts for peak days, and you can sign up by texting “Start” to 360-300-1768.

We’re expecting very cold temperatures through Monday, so please layer appropriately, keep exposed skin covered, and take breaks inside to warm up as needed. Yesterday was also a good reminder that conditions can change quickly, so please be prepared for unexpected delays and closures on HWY 2 and check the WSDOT website for the most up-to-date information before heading out. For your safety, we recommend skiing/riding with a buddy and please continue to follow all signs and markers set by patrol.

Thanks everyone,