Greetings, Stevens Pass Community!

I’ve taken a few moments to reflect on my first few days back at the mountain and I’d like to share my thoughts. I’ve spent some time in the field, meeting the team across functions, and in lift mazes and operations, and I’m really impressed by the unwavering dedication and commitment of Stevens Pass employees and guests who believe so deeply in the magic of this special place.

Tom Fortune, the new Interim General Manager and Vice President of Stevens Pass

I want to share a few quick updates in terms of what I’m seeing:

  • Operations: I’m assessing our operations and processes with the Mountain Ops team, and we have already made a few subtle changes. I also want to convey our focus on opening the backside of the mountain. We’re reworking current plans to determine a path towards this, and hope to do so within two weeks. This isn’t guaranteed, but we want to be transparent that we are working against this projected timeline. We are also working hard to get Kehr’s Chair open this Saturday. It will start as weekends only and we will add days as staffing allows.  Showcase Run was track packed last night and we will start working on Gemini as soon as Showcase is buffed out.
  • Hiring: Mid-season hiring can be a challenge, but our company is giving us the resources to make it happen as we focus on improving the employee experience, I can tell you, that the vibe has improved already! I will share more about this soon. We have created a specific hiring plan for lift operations that has been implemented and I am happy to say that we’ve brought on several new people in just the last 48 hours. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in working with us, please visit this link or contact
  • Transparency/Communication: I will be posting my observations, actions, and overall thoughts about the latest happenings at Stevens Pass on our blog and across our social channels as a series called “Fortune Telling.” The name is a little cheesy, I know, but the communication is what counts!  This series will start with short daily posts in the immediate term, and may shift to a few times a week once we make more progress. Regardless of frequency, I remain committed to keeping lines of communication open and honest.

It’s not lost on me how high expectations are, but please know that I am listening…and so is our company. We want Stevens Pass to be the mountain that you love and have pride in. Thank you all again for the warm welcome – I’m looking forward to what comes next.

By the way…the bird is back.