Fortune Telling, January 28th

Tom Fortune Interim VP/GM of Stevens Pass enjoying some turns on the backside.

Hi, All –

Happy Friday and happy backside opening day!

It was so awesome to ski Mill Valley today, I haven’t skied back there in so many years. Being on the backside today reminded me of how important this terrain is to everyone, and I continue to be grateful to the teams who made this happen.  

As I shared yesterday, we’ll have five groomed runs on the backside through this weekend: Gemini, Lower Gemini, Shooting Star, Outer Limits, and Aquarius. Kehr’s chair will also open again tomorrow and Sunday. To reiterate, we plan to open the backside 7 days/week beginning next Friday, February 4 if everything stays on track as planned.

I continue to be touched by all the feedback and support from the community and the Stevens Pass team…it is incredibly motivating!

See you on the slopes,