Fortune Telling, January 25th

Hello, Everyone –

I want to focus today’s post on the email that I sent to pass holders within the Stevens Pass community last night. We take your feedback seriously, and we’re listening to you, and I certainly understand that adding terrain is the priority. While my focus remains on operations, our company began working on a Stevens Pass guest loyalty offer for the 2022/23 season in over the holidays, as the challenges in guest experience became increasingly apparent. I want to summarize what the plan is and answer some questions that I have seen pop up.

To recognize the very unique challenges at Stevens Pass, we are offering two options:

1)       Eligible pass holders who ONLY want to ski and ride at Stevens Pass can get a discount on those products for next season (Stevens Pass Premium Pass and the Stevens Pass Select Pass), or;

2)       Eligible pass holders who want to access more resorts, with one of our multi-resort passes (like the Epic Pass, Epic Local, Epic 4-7 Day, etc.), can get a $150 spend credit to use in resort at Stevens Pass next season for things like lift tickets, ski and ride school, restaurants, and rentals/demos.

Here are some questions I’ve received:

  • Who is eligible? Any 21/22 pass holder whose pass provides access to Stevens Pass.
  • Why not just provide a pass discount for next season on all passes? Passes like the Epic Pass and Epic Local Pass provide access to dozens of resorts that did not face the challenges we faced here at Stevens Pass. Because of that, we are not discounting access to those resorts through these products for next season. However, we recognize many of you in the Stevens Pass community have these products, which is why we are providing you the same amount, just in the form of a spend credit at Stevens Pass for next season.
  • Why not provide refunds? Our passes are non-refundable because they are so highly discounted and most offer access to dozens of resorts all season long. We never know what terrain or conditions look like ahead of the season at any resort – which is why we provide such a great deal if you buy in advance. That said, this season was unique at Stevens Pass – which is why we are providing these offers.
  • How do I redeem these offers? More details will be communicated in the coming weeks – before our passes for next season go back on sale in March. 

I remain incredibly grateful to this special community – while I know this doesn’t solve everything, it is an important step in recognizing your loyalty. I’m excited for what’s to come – including opening the backside this weekend and continuing to add to our midweek and night operations – and I hope you continue to support us as we make significant strides forward at Stevens Pass.

Looking forward to share more tomorrow on the latest up here on the mountain.